Tag Long Name Notes
PT pubType Publication Type (conference, book, journal, book in series, or patent) is what the official documentation says, there are more types of record so beware1
AF authorsFull  
GP group  
BE editedBy  
AU authorsShort  
BA bookAuthor  
BF bookAuthorFull  
CA groupName  
TI title  
ED editors  
SO journal  
SE seriesTitle  
BS seriesSubtitle  
LA language  
DT docType  
CT confTitle  
CY confDate  
HO confHost  
CL confLocation  
SP confSponsors  
DE authKeyWords  
ID keyWords  
AB abstract  
C1 authAddress  
RP reprintAddress  
EM email  
RI ResearcherIDnumber  
OI orcID  
FU funding  
FX fundingText  
CR citations  
NR citedRefsCount  
TC wosTimesCited  
Z9 totalTimesCited  
PU publisher  
PI publisherCity  
PA publisherAddress  
SC subjectCategory  
J9 j9  
JI isoAbbreviation  
PD month  
PY year  
VL volume  
IS issue  
PN partNumber  
SU supplement  
SI specialIssue  
MA meetingAbstract  
BP beginningPage  
EP endingPage  
AR articleNumber  
PG pageCount  
WC subjects  
D2 bookDOI  
GA documentDeliveryNumber groupAuthors Old usage
UT wosString  
PM pubMedID  
  1. Web of Science official documentation, found here