I am currently focused on Maia Chess, which is a project to build AI systems that act like and understand humans using chess as a model system. This WIRED article is a good summary of the project and the website is maiachess.com.

Previous Projects

These are a few older projects I’ve worked on

Computational Content Analysis

A series of Jupyter notebooks for the Computational Content Analysis class taught by Dr. James Evans at the University of Chicago. I am the main developer and writer for them as well as being a TA for the class twice.


A python package for doing social networks and bibliometric research on knowledge. I am the sole programmer behind this application. A major update is scheduled along with a paper.

Word Embeddings Visual

An interactive display of Word2Vec embeddings. Based on 1.5 Million Social Science paper abstracts and with words selected from StackExchange tags. There will be more later

An Novel RNN Approach to Classification of Complex Textual Scientific Metadata

My end of first year paper for my Masters. By using a deep learning technique, I was able to locate +95% of all new software releases in statistics.


A c++ application to display pretty fractals. It uses openGL to render complex fractals in real time. It is very modular and I intend to add more to it.

Arab Spring and Tunisia’s academic network

A paper I co-wrote analyzing the impact of the Arab Spring on the academic network of Tunisia. It uses what is now isilib for creating and analyzing the networks. The final paper is here

Dilatometry of Exotic Materials

A report on my two term final project. For the project I created a dilatometer, a device for measuring small changes in volume, capable of making measurements accurate to at least one part in a million. The report is here